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My clients get better settlements because insurance companies know what a great lawyer I am!


TV lawyers would have you believe that insurance companies fear them. That multibillion dollar businesses can’t afford to hire excellent lawyers.

The TV lawyers depend on you to be foolish enough to believe that they are the fastest guys out there and can get you more than you deserve.

The truth is that the best lawyers can get you everything the law entitles you to, and nothing more.  If a jury gives you much more than your case is worth – the judge will order a new trial.

You got hurt in an accident – you didn’t win the lottery.


Lawyers who win jury trials get the best settlements.

Insurance companies want to settle cases cheap, but they are not stupid.  If they know the lawyer is not afraid to try a tough case and he is going to win a lot of those cases, they will make a fair offer.

If a lawyer is all bluff and can’t or won’t try a tough case, the offer is going to be small.  One of the biggest lawyer advertisers in our market has never successfully tried a lawsuit.

It doesn’t take insurance companies long to figure out which lawyers are bluffers and which lawyer can hold their own in the courtroom.  Insurance companies love to have the bluffers on the other side – they know the case will settle fast and cheap!   

Some lawyers claim that they have never lost a case.  Either he hasn’t tried very many cases, or he doesn’t try tough cases against the best lawyer the insurance companies can find.  Good lawyers win more than they lose, but no one went into the baseball hall of fame claiming he batted a 1,000.

Anyone can settle your case for less than its worth – it takes a lot of time, talent and money to get you all you deserve.   

Don’t believe everything you hear on TV.  Shop your case around until you can find a lawyer who has a proven track record and who you feel you can trust.

Just because a bad lawyer talked you into signing a contract, doesn’t mean you can’t get out of it.  It won’t cost you anymore in attorney fees to fire him.  Your new lawyer will have to split the fee with the bad lawyer.  If you wait until the last minute to fire the bad lawyer, it may be too late to get a good lawyer to take your case.  It won’t cost you anything to ask the good lawyer if he will take your case.


When is 1/3 (33 1/3%) not 1/3?

When you get stuck paying to collect the medical insurance company’s money.

The O’Connor Law Firm charges you 1/3 of the NET settlement, while most other law firms charge you 1/3 of the GROSS settlement. 

That can mean thousands of extra dollars in your pocket.

Insurance companies hire lawyers by the hour because they have lots of money and can afford to pay the lawyer even if they lose.

Most regular folks can’t afford to hire a lawyer by the hour.  Regular folks usually hire a lawyer on a CONTINGENT FEE.  The lawyer works for free if you lose the case, and collect 1/3 of the settlement if you win.

The O’Connor Law Firm also charges 1/3 for adults who are injured, but only charges 25% for children under 18 years of age at the time of injury.

It’s not cheap to prepare a case for trial or for settlement.  The law firm can pay out thousands of dollars for doctor’s reports, video crews, court reporters and other expenses.  These expenses are called “costs”.

Many lawyers look to the injured client to pay these costs if the case is lost, or if the jury returns a small amount of money in their verdict.  At the O’Connor Law Firm, the client pays “zero” dollars if the case is lost or if the verdict is lower than the costs we have spent on the case. 

Let’s look at medical costs charged because of the accident.

If they are paid by your health insurance (example: Blue Cross Blue Shield coverage through your job), Medicare or Medicaid, they want their money back out of your settlement.  Who gets stuck with the bill to get their money back?  Most law firms charge you – The O’Connor Law Firm never does.

Here is how it works:

a.     The other guys:

If your case settles for:                                        $ 21,000

You pay attorneys fees of 1/3:                             –    7,000

Plus the cost to prove your case:                        –    1,500

The amount your health insurance

company gets back:                                             –    3,000

                                                Your check:                   $   9,500

b.     At the O’Connor Law Firm:

Total Settlement:                                                  $ 21,000              

Cost to prove your case:                                           –   1,500              

Reduced payment to health insurer:                     –   1,000

1/3 attorneys fees off the net number:                            –   6,160

                                                Your check:                   $ 12,340

 $2,840 more than you get from the other guys. 

Because the O’Connor Law Firm gets 1/3 of the net settlement, we work hard to knock down the health care liens – the other guys don’t bother because they get 1/3 of the gross, not the net.

If the first law firm that you talk to doesn’t give you the O’Connor deal, then you should come and see us.

The O’Connor Law Firm puts more money in your pocket – not ours.